Fresh content is everything.
How does yours measure up?


Keep your followers engaged and grow your social following 

with monthly photographs, Reels, and TikTok videos.

Creating fresh content for your social media, marketing, and website is expensive, time consuming, and requires gear that you may not have. But increasing your sales and growing your business is absolutely necessary. 

With your NEW content-creation subscription service, you can choose a package that works for you to get new photographs and videos of your product at gorgeous locations around the world. As full time travelers, we offer the unique opportunity to have professional product photos and engaging Reels and TikToks created around the world. 

Send your products once, pay a monthly fee, and get fresh content to your inbox monthly. 

edinburgh photography content creation subscription



Choose from the packages listed below depending on your content-creation needs and budget. If you’re looking for white flat lay photos, you’re in the wrong place. Because we’re full time travelers, the photos and videos we create showcase your products in gorgeous places around the world, not in a studio!


Click here to enquire and book your free consultation. We’ll talk about your products and the details of your chosen content-creation package. We want to make sure that our style is what you expect to avoid any surprises when your monthly photos and videos arrive.


Once the contract is signed, send your products to he address we will give you. Because your content is taken in amazing places, including international destinations,  you’ll only have to send products once unless you want to add a new product. 


Each month you’ll receive short-form vertical videos and photographs that you can use for your social media, website, and marketing purposes. Check content-creation off of your to-do list!


Package 1

Perfect for the occasional socializer who
wants occasional fresh content.
$ 199 Monthly
  • 5 Edited Product Photos
  • 1 Edited Short-Form Video
  • 3 Month Contract

Package 2

Ideal for the new business ready to invest
in beautiful and engaging visual content.
$ 499 Monthly
  • 15 Edited Product Photos
  • 3 Edited Short-Form Videos
  • 3 Month Contract

Package 3

For the business ready to see a boom
in digital and social growth.
$ 699 Monthly
  • 25 Edited Product Photos
  • 5 Edited Short-Form Videos
  • 3 Month Contract


You’re welcome to send as many products as you like. The amount of content that you receive is based on the package that you pick.

Contract duration is three months.

As part of our content creation services, we provide all editing. The only editing that you may do is basic cropping to comply with social media sizes. For this reason, please make sure that you like our editing style before working with us.

You’re welcome to recommend ideas for photos and videos, but we cannot guarantee that we can capture this. 

On photos and videos you will receive one round of basic edits. This means slight changes in lighting, shadows, highlights, etc. 

You can use your photos and videos for your social media, website, and business marketing purposes. Basically, you just can’t resell this content.

First month is paid upfront and then on a month-by-month basis. 

By the end of each month you’ll receive your content in a zipped file via email.

Yes. We can offer custom packages based off of your specific needs. Submit your enquiry here.

Yes. Please contact Vegan Biz Growth for rates based on your content needs.

Who doesn’t love a discount? We also offer marketing subscription packages which include photos and video content at a discounted rate.

A short-form video is a vertical 15-30 second video optimized for Instagram Reels and TikTok. Check out one that we created below.

Yes! Please see our marketing subscription packages which include both visual and written content.

Due to the nature of the travel photography subscription, non-perishable and relatively small products work best however you can pay for three months up front and send perishable content once. We only create content for vegan products.

You have one week to provide feedback and request any minor changes.

No, products will not be returned. This is because products are used during the photo and video process, so there may not be a product left!

This is dependent on how long you continue to renew your subscription. Because of the nature of our photos and videos, products are used (to best showcase them to your audience) so they may need to be replaced on occasion. We do our best to minimize wear and tear and use items exclusively for content, but we will let you know well in advance if items need to be replaced. 

You pay for shipping fees and any customs fees will be added to your invoice. Customs fees can typically be avoided by valuing the item at just a few dollars and labeling it as a sample.

Thank you for your upload